Wind Chimes

Hanging or perched atop a place of your choosing wind chimes bring peaceful serenity to your day with their gentle soft ringing through the winds of the Earth. Perfect for just outside your window, or even inside for everyday decoration. Wind chimes produce in-harmonic (as opposed to harmonic) spectra, although if they are hung at about 1/5th of their length (22.4%), the higher partials are dampened and the fundamental is brought out. This is common practice in high-quality wind chimes, which are also usually hung so the center ball strikes the center of the wind chime’s length. Frequency is determined by the length, width, thickness, and material. There are formulas that help predict the proper length to achieve a particular note, though a bit of fine tuning is often needed. Wind chimes are thought to be good luck in parts of Asia and are used in Feng Shui. In Japan they produce pleasant ringing soundsand are hung by the windows during hot humid summers in order to bring cooling relief.

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