Crystals, Healing & Herb Books

Crystal Books-Books on crystals can be an essential resource for any spells or rituals that involve crystals and gemstones. Often times beginners do not know where to start when using crystals and gemstones in spells but having a crystal book on hand can guide one through the process.

Healing & Meditation Books-Healing and meditation books both can be essential resources within your practice. Meditation books can help teach you to meditate and how to breathe properly which is the backbone to all rituals and spells. Since all spells and rituals require energy to be cast meditation books can teach the practitioner how to build up energy and how to make that energy flow through meditation. Healing books can show the practitioner how to use energy to heal themselves or other individuals from ailments and illness. Healing and meditation books go hand in hand and make excellent complimentary resource materials.

Herbal Books-Herbal books can be invaluable in the craft when working with various herbs, roots, and blends. Herb books can aid the practitioner in learning not only to identify each herb but also how to apply them in rituals and spells properly. Most herbal books have full color illustrations depicting hundreds of different herbs, roots, flowers, and plants.