A Wiccan Friend

Posted by on Jan 25, 2014 in Moons Light Magic Updates |

Wiccan Friend Being a Wiccan, you know the importance of community. Our beliefs are often misinterpreted or misunderstood, leading to very negative assumptions and stereotypes about us being perpetuated.   The good thing is that the Internet has enabled Pagans and Wiccans to find more like-minded people all over the world who share their beliefs, interests, and sense of spirituality. And with social media, we are able to dispel those negative, often silly thoughts and...

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Yule Altar

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Yule Altar Yule Altar- It is that time of year, magic is in the air, and everyone is filled with Yuletide cheer. Out from the attics and recipe books come the family traditions. One of my favorite parts about this season is the decorations. The boughs of holly, and the wreaths of greens hung on the doors. And of course there is the tree, ornate with lights and ornaments, with presents underneath. The stockings stuffed with treats of the flaming Yule log. The Holly and the...

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Power of Pentagrams

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The Power of Pentagrams Pentagrams are the most iconic and controversial symbols in Wicca. It has appeared in ancient texts and religions, with variations of it appearing in Satanism, Christianity, country flags and in various forms of magic. It holds many different meanings in different religions and cultures. For Wiccans, the pentagram serves a symbol of faith, kind of like how Christians wear the symbol of the cross on a necklace. Because the pentagram is a steeped in...

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Gemstone Familiar

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Gemstone Familiar Gemstone Familiar- Stones, the truest familiars you will ever know. Familiars? But aren’t familiars those sweet fuzzy creatures, you know cats and dogs? Yes, but a stone is also a living entity. You are heard me right,Pocahontas wasn’t just blowing hot air. The use of gemstone familiar in magic, is as old as those who began the practice. Coming from deep within the ground, stones are the bones of mother Gaia. with the use of particular stones,...

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Wiccan Supplies: Spell Kit

Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 in Moons Light Magic Updates |

Spell Kit Getting started with spell work   For those of you considering exploring the magickal world of Wicca, welcome! The moment you decide to commit to the Wiccan faith can be a mixture of exciting and scary. You might be worried about all the money you’ll need to spend on spell and witchcraft supplies.   Well, don’t fret too much. Moon’s Light Magic has all the Wiccan supplies you need to get started on your quest for spiritual enlightenment, from your very...

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All About Smudging

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Smudging Oh I love a good smudging! It is truly one of the most universal practices in every culture and religion. In essence smudging is the burning of herbs to cleanse and area or a person. Most commonly the herb used is sage, or white sage. But you can use a variety of other herbs that you feel are appropriate for the moment. You can use lavender, cedar even frankincense and myrrh can be ground and burned together. You can use a fan, a feather or even your hand to waft...

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