About the Little Witch Shop

A Little Witch Shop with a huge passion

Witch Store-The Little Witch Shop began as an idea to provide witchcraft supplies to the witchcraft, wiccan, and occult community that were high quality, unique, and most importantly, AVAILABLE at the time of purchase.

Unfortunately with a lot of witch stores, they do not directly stock the witchcraft supplies that they are selling, as they either dropship from the supplier directly to their customer or, they have to order the product from the supplier then ship the witchcraft products themselves to the customer.

Here at our witch store, EVERY product on our website is available at the time of order, and will ship within 24-48 hours GUARANTEED.witch shop altar

Many of our witchcraft products are made by hand, such as our candles, spell kits, ritual oils, rune stones, and bath salts, but that does not mean we can’t still have your order shipped out within hours of it being placed on our website.

We value each and every customer equally, whether it be a $5 order or a $300 order, we here at the Little Witch Shop ensure that your order will be made, packed, and shipped with all the respect and love we can conjure up!

Whether you shop for our witchcraft supplies on our online witch shop, or decide to stop over at our physical witch store in Addison IL, the Little Witch Shop is here to cater to your every witchcraft, occult, wiccan, or pagan need.